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Energy Waste Reduction 

Working across residential, commercial, and municipal sectors to influence policy and inform the public on how and why to reduce energy waste. Formed in March 2019, the committee identifies opportunities for increasing access to energy efficiency programs and resources for all Detroiters.


By reducing the energy we use in our homes and buildings, we burn less fossil fuels, therefore saving money, reducing carbon emissions and pollution, and improving the air quality and health of Detroiters.


  • Eliminate Energy Poverty

  • Become a Carbon Neutral City

  • Save Millions in Energy Cost

Glass Buildings

2022 Meeting Dates

Meetings are held monthly on the second Tuesday from 11-12:30 PM. Meetings are being held virtually until further notice.

January 11 | February 8 | March 9

April 12 | May 10 | June 14

July 12 | August 9 | September 13

October 11 | November 8 | December 13


Draft and adopt an Energy and Water Benchmarking and Transparency Ordinance. By tracking energy use in Detroit buildings, owners and tenants have  information to become more energy efficient, save money on utilities, reduce operating costs, and reduce the pollution that threatens our air and climate.



Draft and adopt a Residential Energy Use Disclosure Policy. By evaluating the energy efficiency of a home or building and making the information known to consumers at time of sale or rent, Detroit residents will be provided information about the home's energy performance and expected utility costs.





Build and maintain information on the Energy Waste Reduction Committee web-page to inform the public about meeting information, resources, and upcoming events.

Meet The Team

Subcommittee Members

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Brittany Turner

Benchmarking Ordinance

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Connie Lilley

Benchmarking Ordinance

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Tammy Ong

Website Development

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Kendal Kuneman

Energy & Sustainability Consultant &

Program Manager at Detroit 2030 District

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Ben Dueweke

Director of Community Development

Walker-Miller Energy Services

Additional Reading

Upcoming Events

If you'd like to learn more about energy waste reduction efforts locally and nationally, check out some of the articles we're reading. A list of all previously linked articles can be found here.

From Redlining to Restorative Justice: Anti-Black racism and energy insecurity go hand in hand in America
When we talk about clean energy and affordable housing in America, what often gets left out of the conversation are the ways in which energy insecurity and racist housing practices intersect.

Just look at predominantly Black neighborhoods throughout the country, such as Detroit, Michigan, and Columbia, South Carolina. The median energy burden of Black households in Detroit is 54 percent higher than that of non-Hispanic white households. Black families who face high energy burdens have to make tradeoffs between utility payments and other necessities, and now that burden has made those same families more susceptible to the life-threatening impacts of COVID-19.

Low Income EWR Work Group (MPSC)
Thursday, October 7th - 9:00AM-11:00AM | Meeting details here

Energy Affordability and Accessibility Collaborative (MPSC)
Wednesday October 20th - 9:30AM-12:00PM | Meeting details here 

Weatherization Day at the Capital
Thursday, October 28th - 10:00AM-2:00PM | More info here

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