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Climate Action Meeting Minutes: September 2023

Attendees: Steve Payer, Maria Galarza, Briana Dubose, Madi Kraus, Mrysha Clemons, Kristin Shaw, Erma Leaphart, Zahra Selbini


Policy Priorities: Review

Environmental Justice Resolution/ Ordinance

  • Detroit Climate Action Strategy/ SAA

Environment (Built/ Natural)

  • Built

    • Buildings

    • Housing/ Housing Security

    • Transportation/ Transit (coordinate with T&M)

    • Renewable Energy (Coordinate with RE)

    • Heat Island

  • Natural

    • Conservation

    • Tree Canopy

    • Heat Island (coordinate with EWR)

Health & Safety (Resilience)

  • Air Quality/ Emissions

  • Soil (coordinate with OR)

  • Public Health, Mental Health

  • Quality (coordinate with Water)


City of Detroit Climate Action Plan Update – Maria Galarza

Reduce GHG and increase resiliency > GHG Benchmarking (Inventory every four years. Looking to quantify data regularly.) Date to publish/ announce: Waiting for website to be completed, first week of October.

What policies do we need to look at to support these four items?

  • Transitioning to Clean Energy

  • Increasing Sustainable Mobility

    • EV Charging requirements for all new development, including gas stations

    • Look at Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, California, San Diego/ San Francisco

    • EV Ready/ EV Capable

    • Used car market for EV’s

    • Community engagement for electric vehicles (developers – Detroit Regional Chamber)

    • EV Carsharing – shared mobility

  • Protect Vulnerable Residents

    • Reduce Flood Risk

    • Protect from Extreme Heat

    • Improving Air Quality

    • Resiliency

    • Advocacy PSC Level Air Quality Level

    • Tree ordinances

    • Formalize advisory body for the City of Detroit (Charter) [Kareem C4 MODEL (MEJC) Grand Rapids]

  • Accelerating Energy Efficiency and Reducing Waste

    • Benchmarking Ordinance – going to be submitted to council committee

    • Natalie/ Nishaat > Waste ordinance > Universal Recycling Ordinance – add on for all commercial buildings that are required to remove trash, must also have recycling.

    • Mandatory reporting for food waste, food that is recoverable or compostable

    • National Resource Defense Council: Sample ordinances

    • Mitigate burden on business community.

    • How to set up a sustainable business in Detroit?

    • Commercial recycling program – City of Detroit



  1. Recycling Committee Policy Support: Proclamation to Establish November 15 as America Recycles Day in the City of Detroit

  2. Review EJ Resolution language ahead of October Committee Meeting.


Job Opportunities

  1. State of Michigan (EGLE)

    1. State Administrative Manager 15 - Deputy Climate and Energy Advisor

  2. City of Detroit: Office of Mobility/ Sustainability:

    1. Strategy and Research Specialist – opening 08/29/23: Looking for candidates with great research and analytics skills. The ideal candidate will have experience researching and developing actionable steps from analysis.

    2. Outreach Coordinators (hiring for 10 positions) – opening 08/30/23: Looking for multiple candidates to work in partnership with the Department of Neighborhoods, Office of Sustainability, and the community to ensure clear and accurate information on the benefits of solar energy.

  3. Green Door Initiative: Program Manager

  4. University of Michigan: Energy Equity Project Community Partnerships Manager


Next Meeting

October Meeting: October 11, 2023; 4:00 PM-5:00 PM - Virtual Meeting


Questions/ comments: Contact Kristin Shaw,

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